Uneven Room Temperatures: The Fix

Every home is different – in build, size, level, and age. However, there is a custom fix for each to ensure it is properly insulated, secured, and protected from the house's air and humidity. Insulation – r30 and r38 insulation thickness, among others, – are key to ensure proper comfort and care for your home. Homes that lack the proper insulation, unfortunately, suffer from higher energy costs, as your home is not maximizing its energy efficiency or potential. Fear not, however, there is a cure! 

Temperature Fluctuation

Homes that struggle with uneven temperatures are all too common. Ever wonder why certain rooms in your home seem warmer or cooler than others? This isn’t simply due to the age of the home, as some may think! There are actually a few common causes for temperatures to fluctuate between rooms, despite the home being set to a single temperature. 

 Temperature fluctuation is very common in homes.  It doesn’t take an expert to know that temperature balance is very important, not only for your wallet but for the safety and longevity of your home.  In the winter, heat travels naturally from the inside of your home outwards. In the summer, the opposite, as hot air begins to travel indoors.  This not only makes it quite uncomfortable for the homeowner but also will cause an increase in your heating and cooling costs.  On hot days, do you find yourself seeking shelter in one specific spot in your home? Or is your home one where your first floor feels great, but your floors themselves are freezing? Or is your attic boiling hot making you avoid it altogether?  If your home lacks proper insulation and sealing, these issues might be all too common.  

Warmer Rooms: The Culprit

Rooms that are commonly warmer than others may be due to your attic failing to have sufficient insulation. Are your wood joists visible? Is your attic lacking any protection whatsoever? If this is the case, it is very possible that this is the source of your issue.  Bonus rooms above garages also often experience this issue, as well.  Heat enters through the attic and roof, as well as radiates through the walls, causing the room to become hotter than others in your home. Properly insulating the room will protect the walls from excess heat and moisture from entering, lowering the temperature of the entire room. These fixes will ensure that your rooms will not be so hot and minimize the issues with problematic attics. Insulating your attic or extra rooms above garages with r30 insulation or r38 insulation will ensure that you will not need to run your A/C excessively and naturally lower the room temperature to a normal level. Spray foam insulation is also available for bonus rooms, providing maximum seal from humidity and outside air.  For certain homes, a thicker type of insulation is required. We also offer r40 and r50 insulation, should you require it. Our specialists will be able to determine the necessary tools and present them to you. 

Colder Rooms: The Cause

Rooms that are colder by nature could be due to insufficient insulation under the crawl space or floors. Insulation is supposed to serve as a barrier between the floor joists and the floor itself. Failure to have these installed can lead not only to buckling floors and other humidity issues but also colder temperatures in the rooms directly above. 

The Solution

What is the fix then? It’s simple! New insulation is recommended to be installed in your home to maximize efficiency and protect your home from the outside temperatures and air. The two most forgotten areas in your home to seal are the attic and crawl space. However, these two have such an effect on your home’s well-being. They are crucial to the efficiency and overall health of your home. Once sealed and insulated, air is prevented from entering your home, finally creating the desired even temperatures you have been hoping for. With these fixes, temperature control is possible! We love to use either r30 insulation or r38 insulation, depending on the thickness that our specialists determine would be best for your room. We also offer spray foam insulation, as well as insulation blowing. There are numerous options available depending on your home and your needs. Our specialists are experts at their craft and will be able to discuss with you the ideal option for your home. 

 In addition to replacing old insulation or installing brand-new insulation between the wood joists, we would also seal any areas in the room where the air is leaking inside your home. This sealing is essential to create a tight, sealed-off space and can save up to 20% on your energy bill once properly secured. Between insulation and air sealing, your home will be able to fight back and resist the outside varying temperatures from influencing the temperature inside. 

Additional Protections

In conjunction with insulation and air sealing, there are other areas that you can adjust to lower your energy bills even further, making your indoor spaces more comfortable and livable, and maximizing the potential for your greatest asset – your home!  Be sure to discuss with our specialists any thoughts or additions you might want to add. They will be able to create a custom plan for your home. 

  •  A/C Tune-Ups -- This is such an important activity that often is overlooked. Our specialists are trained in checking and cleaning up A/C systems. They will ensure that you’re A/C system is up and running as efficiently and effectively as it should be.
  • Filter Replacement – Have you changed out your filters recently? Changing out and replacing your filters on a regular schedule is a habit that is very important to start. Clean and new filters will allow your A/C system to continue running at maximum efficiency and prevent unnecessary overworking in an attempt to cool your home. Help your system to help you!
  • Updated Cooling and Heating System – It is never a bad idea to ensure that your heating and cooling systems are up to date. Upgrades offer greater efficiency and energy-conscious solutions that will also reduce your monthly bills. Rebates are also available from local power companies with qualifying equipment! Ask your specialist for more information, should you desire it!
  • Attic dehumidifier – To ensure maximum efficiency after installing insulation and sealing up openings, a dehumidifier is another recommended option. Set to activate when your attic’s moisture level reaches a certain humidity percentage, an attic dehumidifier can be an excellent solution to control excess humidity in your attic. It will offer continuous drainage without excessive noise pollution, helping to reduce your average electric bill and ensuring that certain rooms are not so hot.

Let’s Get Started!

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the never-ending list of seemingly unfixable issues in your home. Know there are affordable, cost-effective solutions that can ensure the safety and longevity of your home. If your home requires replacing insulation or even installing new insulation, we have customizable options that we can offer to best fit your home and desires. If your home needs air sealing, we’re here for you! If your home has an average electric bill that seems way too high for the size of your home, call us!  We can offer custom options that fit your budget and long-term plans for your home.  From spray foam insulation to attic dehumidifiers to blown-in insulation to attic encapsulations, we can do it all! We would love to help you! Give us a call today to see what we can do.

Good Home Insulation

We’re committed to saving you money and safely keeping your family comfortable all seasons of the year.

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