Clues to Know When You Should Replace Your Attic Insulation

It’s time! Or is it? Ever wonder how you are supposed to know when your attic insulation needs a revamp? Your home is the biggest financial investment you will make during your lifetime. You take great pride and care for your home. Naturally, you want to ensure that your home is in good, working order and serving and protecting your family. It is concerning, therefore, when you do not know what decisions to make or when or when not to act. Stop worrying. We are here to help!  We know the stress home owning can cause and we are here to walk by your side to ensure that your home is up to date and maximizing its energy and safety potential. 

Have you recently walked into your attic? If you haven’t, we recommend you do. Take a look. Is the attic insulation in good condition? Or is it falling, ripped, and wet? Is there loose fill insulation on the ground of the attic or is the floor unfinished? Is the bonus room above your garage too hot making you avoid it at all costs? Has your average electric bill recently increased without much cause or reason? All of these, along with many others, are clues as to whether it is time to replace your attic insulation.  Attic insulation that is properly installed should last anywhere between 10-20 years. However, if there are air gaps that were not sealed or an infestation of rodents, unfortunately, it might be time to reassess. Let’s discuss a few instances that should clue you in that it is time to replace your attic insulation. Remember, give us a call if you are unsure or concerned. Our team of experts would love to help! 

Things to Know When You Should Replace Attic Insulation

Water Damage

This is one of the biggest and most evident clues as too problematic insulation. If your attic insulation appears to be falling, ripped, or most importantly, dripping wet, it is no longer functional. In fact, it is a health hazard. If your insulation, specifically fiberglass insulation, is humid and wet, it is a breeding zone for mold. Mold air particles will then flow out of your attic and into your home, circulating moldy air throughout your entire home for your family to breathe. Moisture destroys attic insulation’s effectiveness. If you see any sort of water damage on the attic walls, floor, or attic insulation itself, this is a big clue that there is an issue in your attic. Once the attic insulation has water damage, insulation removal is the only cure. The attic insulation is no longer functional when wet and can become a breeding ground for mold. We’d recommend a professional to come and determine the source and get your home squared away. 

Increased Average Electric Bills

Have your average electric bills been steady month-to-month but recently you’ve seen a random increase? The attic is one of the most common culprits for energy loss and inefficiency in the home. Your HVAC system works to cool and heat air in your home. A properly insulated attic serves to keep that air from exiting your home and from cold/warm air from entering. If your attic does not have attic insulation or the old insulation is no longer functional, your HVAC is having to overwork to achieve the same temperature in the home. Its overcompensation is the cause of the spiked energy bills. 

If you have found a dramatic rise in average energy bills without much change in the temperature or comfort in your home, this might be a sign that your home is no longer functioning at maximum efficiency. Give us a call. We’d love to check it out and see if there is an issue. 

Pest Infestation

Pest infestation in your attic is very easy to spot in an insulated attic, as the attic insulation becomes dirty upon their arrival. Squirrels, mice, and rats find comfort in the soft, light-as-air insulation and will build their nests if the attic is not properly sealed. If your attic insulation appears to be eaten, torn apart, or nested in, you will want a professional to come and remove the pests. Further, if your attic insulation appears to have urine or fecal stains on it, you will need a full insulation removal, as the fumes from these (much like mold) will enter your home and be circulated by your HVAC system. Once pests infest and make themselves comfortable, your insulation is no longer efficient or functional. This would be a time that insulation removal is imperative, the attic sealed, and the attic insulation replaced. 

Bonus Room Above Garage Too Hot 

Do you have a bonus room above your garage (also known as the FROG)? Do you avoid it at all costs? Quite often, a sign that your attic insulation needs replacing is when certain rooms in your home become excessively hot or cold. When the bonus room above the garage is too hot, this is a telltale sign, as its location in regard to the attic is directly correlated. If your attic is properly insulated, your home should be efficiently pumping air throughout the home. Each room should be at a constant and consistent temperature. If this is not the case, it may be time to replace your insulation. 

Musty Smell or Allergy Symptoms

As we’ve discussed in the other clues, attic insulation can have a direct effect on the air quality in your home. If you recently have been experiencing random allergy symptoms or there is a damp, musty smell around your home or in your attic, there might be an issue with the attic insulation. If your attic insulation has gotten wet or if there is excessive moisture in the attic, mold growth can occur. The mold particulates will enter your home and be circulated throughout via your HVAC. Mold can have a variety of effects on individuals, including allergy symptoms, headaches, and breathing issues. It is not safe to be breathing in constant mold. If your attic has unpatched holes or cracks, this too, could be the cause. Air sealing would be highly recommended to fully seal up your attic and ensure that no air is entering or leaving the space. If your attic does have attic insulation that is moldy, insulation removal would be essential. You cannot leave moldy insulation in your home. You will be breathing it in until it is properly removed and the space cleaned. Insulation removal and replacement is the only cure. A fully sealed attic will ensure the efficiency of your HVAC system and air quality. 

Drafty Rooms & Fluctuating Temperatures

In contrast to having a bonus room over the garage that is too hot, other homes will experience drafty rooms. Hot air seeks refuge in cooler air. Thus, during the summer, hot air from the outdoors will try to enter through your attic via the gaps and holes to access the air-conditioned air in your home. In the winter, the hot air that you pay to heat in your home will rise and try to exit through your attic to reach the cooler temperature outside. If you are experiencing rooms in your home (especially on the second floor) that feel drafty or never are completely warm, this might be the cause. Fluctuating temperatures are a very common sign that your attic insulation needs to be upgraded. 

Call Good Home Insulation to Upgrade Your Attic Insulation

So what do we recommend you to do? If you find yourself nodding as you read each of these clues finding great similarities between your attic and a problematic attic, pick up the phone and give us a call. Our team of specialists is here to serve our community of Charlotte, NC, and provide free assessments to all clients. Good Home Insulation will thoroughly assess your attic, and any damage, and notify you if it requires work. If it does, he will discuss a plan of action that fits your desires and your needs. 

If your average electric bill is steadily increasing, your bonus room over the garage is too hot, or your attic insulation is falling, wet, or torn, it might be time for insulation removal and replacement. We are here to help. Don’t hesitate. Give us a call today! 

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