How Do I Know If I Need New Attic Insulation?

Have you ever been in the position where you know your home has an issue but you can’t figure out why? It is such a desperate, overwhelming feeling. Fear not, we are here to help! In the world of attics, quite luckily there are a few very clear signs that your home needs attic insulation. Whether your home is suffering because it needs insulation removal or you are sitting and wondering ‘Why is my room so hot,’ there are answers. Attic insulation provides a plethora of benefits not only for the efficiency of your home, but also its longevity, protection, and air quality. Give us a call. Our team of specialists is here to help find you the custom solution. 

You Peeked into Your Attic and It Ain’t Pretty. 

A very simple answer with a long list of reasons. Have you recently walked into the attic of your home? If you haven’t in the past year, we’d recommend you do. While attic insulation is a long-term investment that should last anywhere between 15-20 years, unfortunately, it can suffer damage from the environment and unwanted critters, alike. If you walk in and see some of the following issues, we’d recommend having a professional come out and take a look. Homes with damaged insulation (or none at all) are at risk not only for increased energy bills, but also health issues, and varying temperatures around the home. Here are some of the things you do not want to have in your attic: 

  • Falling, Torn, or Damaged Attic Insulation 
  • Mildew-covered or Wet Insulation
  • Insulation covered in Animal Droppings/Urine
  • Uninsulated floor and/or wall joists 
  • Gaps or Cracks in the Attic Walls

For many of these issues, our team would recommend insulation removal. If you have an attic with insulation that is falling, torn, or damaged by moisture or animals, it is no longer functioning. It is actually doing harm to the home. Your home is now not only at risk of energy inefficiency but also health issues. You are breathing in air that is flowing through moldy, urine-covered insulation. That isn’t ideal! Give our team a call. Our experts will be able to safely conduct insulation removal and replace it with fresh, fully-functioning attic insulation. 

Your Home is Always Too Hot or Too Cold 

It’s the Goldilocks complex. Your home is always too hot or too cold; never just right. This very likely is due to the fact that your attic insulation needs replacing or (re)installing. A home with temperatures that are constantly inconsistent and uncomfortable suggests that your heater and air conditioner are overworked and the air is escaping. This could easily be the answer as to why your room is so hot and why your energy bills are so high. All the air that you are paying to be conditioned is immediately escaping. Attic insulation removal and replacement on the floors and walls, along with air sealing is a fantastic remedy. 

Ever-increasing Energy Bills

Are your energy bills increasing while you haven’t touched the thermostat? Unfortunately, a lack of attic insulation or damaged attic insulation could be the culprit. High energy bills are often a sign that your home is not energy efficient. The air that you are having conditioned is rising and escaping through your attic, as hot air rises and seeks refuge in cooler air. During the summer, the hot air enters through your attic and attempts to escape into the rest of your cooled home. During the summer, the hot air rises and seeks to escape through your attic into the cold outdoors. It is a constant, year-round battle to ensure that the air that you pay to condition is being efficiently circulated within your home. 

Your Home Smells Musty

Has your home recently begun to have a musty smell that you can’t seem to hide? Your attic insulation could very well be the issue. Attic insulation that has come into contact with humidity or water can settle and begin to grow mold. If your attic insulation has mold or mildew, insulation removal is essential. Until replacement, the mold spores will be airborne, circulating throughout the inside of your home. These particulates will then be sucked into your HVAC system and then continue to be recirculated continually. This can cause significant health issues and concerns. 

Pest Infestation

Light, pillowy, warm attic insulation makes the best little home for pests, such as mice and squirrels. These critters can cause significant damage to your attic insulation, by tearing up and borrowing it, but also leave behind droppings that can become airborne and cause great health concerns. If you find any critters or pest excrement in your attic insulation, immediate insulation removal is recommended. 

Your Heater and A/C Are Constantly Running 

Do you notice that your A/C is constantly running in the summer? Or have you found that your heater doesn’t turn off in the winter? A home should be energy efficient enough that once reaching a certain temperature – despite the temperature outside – can maintain a consistent number without having to run the conditioner. If your attic is not properly insulated, air will constantly be trying to escape and enter. Your HVAC will be working overtime to try to make up for the heat and air loss. This isn’t the fault of your HVAC, but rather your attic insulation. 

Constantly Asking Yourself ‘Why Is My Room So Hot?’

Is there one specific room in your home that is always hotter than all of the rest? Unfortunately, this is a very common symptom of an attic needing some TLC. An attic that is not properly outfitted with attic insulation is at risk of air entering and leaving at will. Attic insulation serves as a barrier to heat and air transfer. As such, homes with attic insulation properly installed will find that every room remains at a constant temperature. Their home is efficient and buffered from any outdoor temperature, whether cool or hot. 

There are Gaps and Holes in your Attic Walls

Ever notice some small holes or gaps in the walls of your attic? These should not be there. Even if you have attic insulation installed, it is not able to function to its fullest extent if hot and cold air from outdoors is able to enter and escape through these holes in the wall. They are doing you no favors. We would recommend having air sealing, whereby an installer would seal the hole with spray foam insulation. This would protect your home from outdoor conditions and ensure that any air that you are conditioning remains inside your home where it belongs. 

So what’s the fix? Step 1. Take a walk and check out your attic. If the space lacks any attic insulation at all, you will definitely require some. The type, the location, and the extent of it will need to be determined by an expert to ensure that you are maximizing your home’s efficiency. If your attic has insulation but it is falling, damaged, or wet, give us a call. You are breathing in unhealthy air and health problems are imminent. You will need insulation removal and replacement promptly. If your attic insulation seems to be in good condition but you continue to ask yourself why is my room so hot, the attic still may be the issue. Improper air sealing could be the cause of why air continues to freely move in and out of your home. Whatever the source, our team of specialists is trained to find it and provide you with a custom solution. We are here for you. Give us a call today! 

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